Project Goals

Well Being

To improve the well- being of vulnerable and underprivileged girls in the maasai communities.


To promote primary, secondary and vocational education to vulnerable and underprivileged girls in the slum communities.


To provide Health care and support services to these vulnerable and underprivileged girls.


To promote income generating opportunities to the vulnerable and underprivileged through Maasai Craft and beading as well as livestock rearing.

Our Vision

Everyone deserves an education regardless of age or gender, religion or physical capacity, ethnic group or displacement through conflict. Education is essential if people are to participate in the life of their own communities.

Our Mission

Provision of holistic high quality education and skills to vulnerable and underprivileged slum girls for better resource exploitation, management and control for improved quality of life.

Dickson Lekina


Dickson is a teacher at Amboseli Iremito Primary. He was born and brought up in the interior parts Amboseli where children are the last priority and girls are sold off in exchange of cattle.

Suyia Kimaki

Vice Chairman

Suyia is a parent and a senior lady in Amboseli Maasai Community. She was sold off at a tender age in exchange of cattle and therefore saw a need to start this organization to help educate girl child and stop such vices to girls and less privilaged in the community.

Paul Peneti

Team Member

Paul is a chairman in Amboseli Maasai Village at Iremito. As a leader he joined hands with the rest of the team to help bring sanity and justice to the less privilaged in Amboseli Kenya.

Our Address

Amboseli Remito Gate House No. 4. Iremito Village

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